Green Production Method

Unique environmentally friendly production method for DMC with tested customer demand
Innovative application of the CCU (Carbon Capturing and Utilization) Concept by directly using
waste-CO2 and running the DMC synthesis process on spot.

Potential customers
Several industries are interested in the DxC technology: (Petro-) chemicals industry (Solvay, Evonik, Borealis, Meridional, Bayer, Covestro, OMV, Petrobras, BASF, DPX), plant manufacturers (e.g. VTU, Bilfinger), and other industries aiming at reducing their CO2 emissions (Agrana, VOEST). AIT has continuing client relationships for other services with them and tested the demand for the DxC technology with good feedback.

USP and protection by patent
Cost effective and non toxic, eco-friendly production process, using CO2 as a resource; thus turning a liability into an asset. Production costs are clearly below market prices. The environmentally safe production method reusing CO2 from other plants is globally unique and undergoing a patent application.