Spin-off of largest Austrian research and technology organisation AIT

Research spin-off with green resources expertise
DxC Technology GmbH is a spin-off of the Austrian Institute of Technology. The company is owned by AIT (25%) and TCS Consulting (75%), an expert in the field of renewable and green resources.

Scalable Business Model
After the pilot plant will have proven the scalability of the process, commercialization will start with three sources of revenue: one-time upfront license fee for construction of a DMC plant; planning and consulting fees from selected license partners; 2% royalties of DMC sales volume produced by licensees.

AIT developed a green production method for DMC and filed a European patent. Patent research by lawyers turned out positively. Feedback by European patent office involved no serious counter-arguments. For R&D and set up of a lab-scale DMC production facility AIT has invested 2.5m EUR, partly funded by Austrian Federal Funding Agency. Scientific and economic evaluation results are highly promising. DxC Technology GmbH was founded in 2016 and has started to address Austrian funding agencies and received ok for pre-seed funding and good signals for further seed funding.

Highly profitable conventional case due to scalable business model with strong upside potential in additional markets

Growing Market for DMC allows on average for 10 new 20,000 t/year production facilities per year.
DxC will sell licenses on average for 3 of those plants leading to annual sales of up to 12.5m EUR plus 3m EUR for consulting and other services. EBITDA margin of 82% in 2029.

Upside Case
High potential in the fuel additive market would more than double licensing income to 30m EUR assuming licensing based on additional 6 plants or approx. production of 600,000 t/year under DxC license at almost no additional cost.